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ML gets NEW Raiders Tatt !!

Fresh from the tattoo parlor – ML’s new Raider tattoo.. Inside of left arm.. Whoever tells you these things dont hurt is LYING to you !! Hurt like HELL !! But hey, when you bleed BLACK and SILVER like I do, I guess the pain is worth it!!  Just one more way to show my […]

Ready for some FOOTBALL??

  After months of waiting, and even sweating that there may not even be a season, the NFL  kicked off this week starting Thurs eve as the 2011 season started with the Packers vs the Saints.. It was  a great start to what hopefully will be  a great season.. Raider fans have to wait an extra […]

Raiders 2011 Offensive Fantasy Prospects

It is that time of year again.. Other than the Christmas season, late August is my favorite time of year because that means not only are we ready for some football, but we are getting ready for our Fantasy Football draft!! A few years ago, picking a Raider for your fantasy team usually brought out chuckles […]

Book review – Badasses The Legend of Snake,Foo,Dr Death…

So I am in the library the other day as I just moved and got a new library card (EVERYONE should have a library card – IT’S FREE people !!)  Anyways, I am checking out some sports books, and what catches my eye?  The binder was silver and read “BADASSES” in large print.. I pulled […]

2011 Schedule Review & Predictions

Put aside the fact that the owners and players are miles apart on an agreement at this point, and lets take a look at whom & where the 2011 Oakland Raiders will be playing this year.. Before we start, a few fun facts about the Raiders 2011 schedule.  #1 is that “Vegas” has the chances […]

Raider Fan.. 4th “worst???” Please….

According to GQ Magizine, Oakland Raider fans are the 4th worst in American sports.. WHAT ?? They just lost MY subscription…If I had one, I mean.. According to the article, Raider fans are “Hell-raisers, gangbangers, and inveterate knife-lickers all of whom firmly believe that skipping town for an away game is well worth the parole violation.”  YIKES.. […]

The Raiders and Fantasy… Anyone??

Like the song says, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year..”  Thats right.. FOOTBALL season is approaching faster than you can say “I’m takin my talent to South Beach..”  And with that impending orgasm of the first kick off of the regular season comes a real mans (or woman’s – lets not be sexist […]

Raiders at 100/1 Odds to Win Super Bowl XLV

Despite a loss in Super Bowl XLIV, the Colts have the inside track on winning Super Bowl XLV according to The Raiders are right now 100/1 to win the dance in the 2010 season. Below are all the odds on all the teams making the Super Bowl in Dallas in 2011: Indianapolis Colts 13/2 […]