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Could Terrell Owens be a Fit with the 2012 Raiders?

Could Terrell Owens be a fit for the Raiders? They are known as the team that likes to take former troublemakers aboard, and after playing with the Bengals two years ago, a former QB now with Oakland gave him somewhat of an endorsement. Carson Palmer invited Owens along for a workout this past offseason along […]

Could T.O. End Up a Raider in 2010?

Terrell Owens remains a man without a team, and while the Raiders are always open to adding talent, there has not been any indication about adding Owens. Sporting News though has 10 places that Owens may end up, and the Raiders are on the list: Owens has long been linked to the Raiders, based primarily […]

Cable says the Raiders haven’t talked about adding Terrell Owens

Plenty of teams have at least thrown the name Terrell Owens out there, including the Bengals, Redskins, and 49ers. But one team that many felt due to their uncanny ways was a fit for Owens was that of the Raiders. Well, at least for now, you can scratch that off the list, as Raiders coach […]

Message to the Raiders – Take a Look at Terrell Owens

Now that Terrell Owens is a free man once again, released on Thursday from the Dallas Cowboys, there is no question that probably a couple of teams will mull around picking up the productive but moody wide out. At the end of the day though, there is a perfect fit in the NFL for Owens, […]