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Oakland Raiders New Regime has Officially been Created

The Oakland Raiders organization currently has incredible things happening to their team, beginning with the forming of new leadership now set in place. ┬áThis occurrence was truly brought about with the passing of the legendary mastermind of football Al Davis who lived, breathed and slept Raiders football. Al Davis, was not only the owner but […]

Kiffin Going Forward w/ Grievance Against Raiders

Former Raiders’ coach Lane Kiffin is proceeding with his grievance against the team for unpaid salary, according to a source close to the situation. Kiffin is looking for money that Oakland would have owed him during the time he was unemployed. Both Kiffin and the Raiders are in the preparation phase.

Raiders Expected to Name Cable Full-Time Coach

It looks like the Raiders are not going to go very far in picking their head coach for the 2009 season, as reports from NFL Network’s Adam Schefter say that the team is going to go with Tom Cable. Of course the Radiers are denying the report, and are saying that as of right now […]

Kiffin: Raiders Owner Davis Orchestrated Cable’s Blast

From: SF Chronicle Former Raiders head coach Lane Kiffin heard how his replacement criticized him for hiring away a Raiders assistant coach Monday. Kiffin chose not to kill the messenger. The way he sees it, interim head coach Tom Cable’s news-conference ire was orchestrated by Raiders owner Al Davis, who fired Kiffin on Sept. 30. […]

Kiffin Files Grievance with the NFL Looking for Salary

Former Raiders coach Lane Kiffin filed a grievance today with the NFL trying to recoup money that he feels is owed to him by the Raiders after he was fired. Owner Al Davis canned Kiffin due to what he described as acts of insubordination and lying. Kiffin is owed about $2.6 million by the team […]

Russell Struggling with Kiffin Gone

With Lane Kiffin getting canned a few weeks back, it appears that the development of quarterback JaMarcus Russell has taken a hit. The QB, who was starting to play well before Kiffin got fired, has clearly taken a few steps back in the past few weeks. Even in the teams win over the Jets, Russell […]

Kiffin still giving Russell advice

To quote a famous 50’s sitcom “Lucy, you got some splainin’ to do.” It appears that recently fired Oakland Raiders coach Lane Kiffin is still trying to coach JaMarcus Russell. In a report in the Contra Costa Times Kiffin has spoken to the youg quarterback as early as this past Monday. I am sure this […]

To Be a Raider Fan….

One must be thick skinned.. Accustomed to losing… Shocked by nothing.. As the bizarre, almost surreal event of earlier this week have finally had a chance to settle, I have determined that this latest debacle has only done one thing and one thing only.. It has made me an even STRONGER Raider fan.. Suffering thru […]