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New Stadium in the Raiders Future?


The Raiders are entering the season with the smallest stadium in the NFL at 53,000 seating capacity. The stadium up until this season held 63,000 thousand fans but the Raiders decided to cover 10,000 seats to help to avoid TV blackouts. The coliseum or the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum which is what it has been known as for the past 47 years is one of the oldest stadiums in the NFL and is the only dual purpose stadium left in the NFL. But with that being said, the Raiders lease with the coliseum is running out after the 2013 season and owner Mark Davis has stated that he refuses to sign another short term lease for the Raiders to remain playing in their current stadium.

So where does Raiders owner Mark Davis go from here? There are a few options:

1. I do give Mark Davis credit, he is trying to keep the Raiders in Oakland with his recent proposal. Owner Mark Davis is proposing to the city of Oakland a brand new 50,000 seat stadium which would be the NFL’s smallest stadium. This would keep Raiders fan happy by keeping their football team in Oakland, the Oakland A’s are looking to move to San Jose, and they would get a brand new stadium– win win. But the new stadium would cost around $800,000,000 and judging the Raiders current financial status, they could not even cover close to half of the cost.

2. We all know the NFL is trying like crazy to get a team back into Los Angeles, CA. And why not, Los Angeles is the second largest city in the USA next to New York, NY. The city of Los Angeles is currently in the process of building a brand new 75,000+ seating venue. The Raiders could certainly benefit from moving back to LA, they would get a massive new free stadium and they already have a built in fan base in LA. The Raiders were in LA from 1982-1994 and had some successful seasons in Los Angeles including a Superbowl win in 1983.  But Al Davis moved the Raiders out of Los Angeles after the 1994 season because the Raiders 92,000+ seat coliseum would only get half full on game day leaving thousands of seats unfilled. But if the Raiders do move back to Los Angeles I am sure the city of Los Angeles would make sure they market the team as much as possible to make sure their brand new stadium is sold out every Sunday.

So what do you think Raider nation? Should Mark Davis try and build the NFL’s smallest stadium and keep the Raiders in Oakland or should he move the Raiders back to Los Angeles? Love to hear what you think!

Raiders Training Camp begins July 25! I will be reporting throughout camp! Stay tuned!

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12 Responses to “New Stadium in the Raiders Future?”

  1. Fred says:

    Come back to LA you will have a new stadium and fans that appreciate the raiders here in LA

  2. Dan says:

    It’s actually a 56,000 seat stadium with club and luxury boxes. That is not relevant to your point as it still would be the smallest stadium in the nfl.

  3. I understand that… but I was not referring to the club seating or luxury boxes. Including the regular seating only it is approximately 50,000. Even if you make it 56,000 it is still the smallest stadium in the NFL by a mile! The next being Soldier Field, home of the Chicago Bears, with 62,871.

    • Dan says:

      Agreed. But it’s worth noting 1. Because it is more than they will have capacity for in this year, and 2. Because it is more than they were drawing in LA before they left. I don’t disagree with your points, and also admire the fact that mark Davis is attempting to keep the team in Oakland, but thought it was worth the clarification.

  4. Manny says:

    Raiders are Oakland! They need to stay. LA didn’t work out with them or the Rams. Jack London Sq would be great area. All the money the NFL makes they can toss some bones to Oakland

    • I agree the Raiders do belong in Oakland. I also do not believe the raiders will find more diehard fans in LA than they already have in Oakland. With that being said, the city of Oakland is not doing much for the franchise to entice them to stay. The Raiders no question have the NFL worst stadium, I mean the Coliseum is just a joke. And right now the city of LA is building a brand new 75,000 seat stadium so the Raiders do have the chance to get a brand new stadium free at cost and move to a city with a fan base already built in. It is really going to be interesting to see what Mark Davis does after 2013 because he said he will not sign another short term lease at the current stadium and I believe he shouldn’t!

  5. Oaktown_Raider_510 says:

    First of all no stadium is being built in LA as of right now, yes two stadium proposals of which the NFL does not approve of, the only one that they may approve of is Chavez Ravine, but with Frank McCourt in the mix it left a bad taste in the commish mouth! Second of all Mark Wants to remain in Oakland he is in no financial condition to fork over the 100-400M in relocation fees needed, thirdly he is not willing to sell the 17-47% that both AEG and City of Industry Ed Roski want to purchase, Raiders are not for sale! Back to the small stadium: the NFL is moving towards smaller venues, they realize with a slumping economy and fans staying home to watch their games on HDTV, a smaller stadium will be not only easier to manage and maintain but it will be much easier to sell out, it will also give the average fan great sight views from any part of the stadium. But lets just say Oakland doesn’t work, hmm well Marks personal second favorite location is nearby Dublin Ca about 20 miles east of Oakland, Mark does have options while he builds either stadium in Oakland or Dublin he can stay temporarily in Santa Clara, every one knows that stadium is being built for two home teams and the Raiders are the best fit to become the sub-tenant on a temporary basis. So there think of it what you will these are closer to the facts than you may think…

  6. Sons of Davis says:

    Since L.A. isn’t even close to having an acceptable proposal for the NFL, then it’s either Oakland or Santa Clara (sharing with the Whiners) for the Raiders beginning in 2014.

    The NFL has gone on record saying that they will not accept the current business models proposed by AEG’s Farmers Field (downtown L.A.) or Majestic Realty’s Los Angeles Football Stadium (City of Industry). Even the NFL’s preferred site at Chavez Ravine (where Dodger Stadium is located) is nowhere near obtainable for the league at this point. I don’t see L.A. being anywhere near ready to host any team in time for next season. I honestly see the NFL leveraging Los Angeles against every single city to squeeze out a new stadium for teams needing them. If the league had really wanted to return to L.A. so badly, they would have years ago. The NFL is a multi-billion dollar business, and they can push some people around. I honestly believe that L.A. is a pawn that the league uses when necessary.

    Even the temporary solutions in L.A. are unobtainable at the moment. The Rose Bowl in Pasadena is currently embroiled in a lawsuit brought on by the citizens in the neighborhoods around it. A coalition of neighborhood associations and residents on the west end of Pasadena filed a lawsuit to halt any plans to temporarily place an NFL in the city-owned Rose Bowl. The suit is still pending. And as far as the L.A. Coliseum, the NFL has already stated that it is not fit to even house a NFL team temporarily. Also, USC would have something to say about that, as they now oversee the management at the L.A. Coliseum.

    The NFL has also stated that they would be the decision-makers whether there would be a relocation (of any existing team/s) or expansion (which is not currently on the table) of any team/s in to the Los Angeles market. They made it perfectly clear that they will decide who (which existing NFL franchise), where (which stadium proposal), and when this would happen. So, it really makes zero difference whether Mark Davis, Stan Kroenke (owner of the St. Louis Rams), or Shad Khan (owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars) tries to strike a deal with any of the prospective companies offering their L.A. stadium proposals. The NFL is a multi-billion dollar business, and they are going to place the team who has the owner with the deepest pockets and best chance for long-term success back into the L.A. market. It’s going to happen eventually, no doubt, but the Raiders just don’t fit the mold at all, and L.A. has yet to provide any kind of proposal that the NFL deems workable.

    So until I see anything resembling an acceptable deal in L.A., I will consider L.A. off the table.

  7. Sikk ass Raider says:


  8. jocko says:

    I agree 50k stadium will be the stadium of the future. Every study you see talks about small stadiums, because of the impact of home sport centers and TV revenue enhancements makes a lot of sense to build a 50k stadium. They will build a 50k stadim with luxury boxes in mind, and the small amount of fans needed to fill 50k will be met. The NFL has the funds to assist the Raiders in building a stadium if they wanted. LA. will never see the Raiders not with current franchises having larger pockets of personal wealth and the business attitude to handle LA. Mark Davis is one of a few owners who do not earn their income from outside sources. His money comes for the Raiders period. Eight hundred million is chump change to most owners but to Mark Davis its the house which he doesn’t own. The Davis family owns a small percent of actual Raider stock. Al sold off many shares to fund the operation. Al wrote the agreement with the power as the general operating partner, but the day Al’s wife passes, Mark will not have the cash to pay the estate taxes which most owners in the NFL understand. He could become a minority stock holder while one of the current minority owners could become the majority owner, or a bidding process will begin for new ownership. The best thing that could happen to the Raiders is someone like Oracle or another tech company with deep pockets purchase the franchise. Then they would have resources like other owners to demand more equality then they receive today. I just hope it gets done and once and for all the problem is fixed. Those of us who live in the bay know the 9ers had to reduce many of the (PSL’s)prices already to get fans to pay. All of us know 9er fans who “had” tickets but because of their new stadium pricing schedule they could not afford to purchase their four former season tickets at 80k a pop (that just for the PSL, not the season ticket). Many moved to the end zone at 5k PSL’s (which was reduced from a much hight price), or they haven’t renewed. There is already a whole new fan base at the new stadium. The luxury boxes are the item team owners want because they do not share the revenue with the league. The 9ers have sold most of their luxury boxes. Unfortunately, Mark doesn’t have the personal wealth to compete with other NFL owners. They are waiting because there is no hurry. They know Mark Davis can not afford the transfer ownership taxes that will happen. He can’t even come up with a 100 million to offset the current price for his purposed 50k stadium. A 100 million is chump change to NFL owners, but not to Mark Davis.

  9. Matt says:

    Raiders should stay where they are. Since the Raiders are not a very good team they do not have that many fans and having a small stadium is fine for the Raiders. Another thing is everyone knows the Raiders for their stadium. I love that they are the only time left that plays their home games on a baseball diamond I think it is sick to turn on the tv and see the Raiders playing on a baseball diamond. I love the most is when they play some of their home games on the infield part of the field with the dirt. I just think it is cool because, it is something different. I love the Raiders and I think they should stay where they are.

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