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Raiders Pick Up Free Agent CB Brandon Underwood

The Raiders have announced the signing of free agent cornerback Brandon Underwood.

A 2009 sixth-round pick out of the University of Cincinnati, Underwood totaled 21 tackles in 23 games over his two seasons with the Packers, 16 of which came on special teams. Underwood was released prior to the start of the 2011 regular season and did not hook on with another club.

Underwood’s tenure with the Packers was marred by a pair of off-field arrests, one for having non-marital sexual intercourse in an act of prostitution during an incident at a charity golf event in June of 2010. Underwood was fined $379 for that incident and the record will be expunged within a year.

Last year, Underwood was charged with domestic disorderly conduct after allegedly ripping a necklace of his estranged wife’s neck after the Packers’ Super Bowl ring ceremony. Underwood was fined a little over $700 for that incident.

Current Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie worked in the Packers’ front office up until his hiring in January.

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39 Responses to “Raiders Pick Up Free Agent CB Brandon Underwood”

  1. mike says:

    Well this isnt the big signing I was hoping for but there is still a lot of off season

  2. Dominic says:

    why do they sign players with baggage like that. Let’s hope McKenzie knows what he doing

    • C Bo says:

      I Don’t know either. But his issues arent that bad. It’s not the cards your dealt, but how you play them. Like you said i hope Makenzie knows what he’s doing!!

  3. raider4life says:

    Yea so bad move #1 for Mckenzie……

    This guy is no good anyway. It was like having Lito on the team….except this guy is a women beater.

  4. calvin says:

    Oh! I see he bring in his trash from greenbay!!

    • nelly says:

      his trash?… the guy is still a kid. first off he’s more a special teamer, could be replacing blackstock, or one of our other 24 free agents on kicks (he’s probably league minimum too$$)…no way is he routt’s replacement. They say Mc kenzie is a great evaluator of talent..lets see if he saw something in him.. Already he’s hands down 50 % better than lito as well, and he hasnt played in a year. any 24 year old with a bit of heart and sports talent can get in enough work out during the off season to be in game shape by mini camp.

    • John LoRe Oakland says:

      That, or he knows his talent. Let us pray…

  5. hayden ward says:

    Why u guys already giving the man a hard time already hasn’t even had a chance I’m pretty sure this Guy now what he is doing

  6. duck32 says:

    this is what the raiders need

  7. […] On Thursday, in a rather underwhelming personnel transaction, the Oakland Raiders announced the signing of free agent cornerback Brandon Underwood, according to […]

  8. Gene St.Onge says:

    Looks like there’s one thing that hasn’t changed withe the Raiders – picking up unseemly characters and hoping they will channel all that anger and aggression on the field.

    It used to work, once upon a time!

  9. mongo62 says:

    well i am hoping for the best on this off season , and things are picking up . maybe we will have everything together by presaeson this year and , go to superbowl this year

  10. 41yrfan says:

    so we pick up someone who doesnt want his probally now ex wife to have nice things and bangs prositutes.

    PERFECT RAIDER…….from the 70’s and 80’s

    we suppose to be turning a new page not pick up everyone elses trash.


  11. chance ogden says:

    I am glad Routt is gone. That was addition by subtraction. But a 6th round guy who got busted at a charity event? Uh, Mr. McKenzie must be a lot smarter than me, because so far I am lost. I’m sure at some point I will get it, but so far nothing has made sense. I have to have faith I guess. He seems like he has a plan so let’s hope it is a good one. fix the defense keep Carson, figure out McCfadden’s health, and sure uip both lines. Oh and fix defense.

  12. MAB559 says:

    He’s a safety?
    If anything this is either bad news about Branch or Huffy is really moving to Corner
    But it can just be because it’s an area that depth was seriously lacked in last year!…. Mostly because of injuries but still.

  13. AnthonyM says:

    Interesting….he fires this guy from the Pack and hires him for the Raiders….I hope he at least offered Rout the chance for a slimmed down contract. We were pretty thin in Dbacks last year so if your canning Stanford soley on his inflated contract it might have been a good idea to try to redo it, if it’s possible of course. There’s alot of good corners looking for a job now go get one!

  14. johnny says:

    in reggie we trust

    • dirtyfivethirty says:

      I know everybody has been slammin’ Reggie, but we need to trust that this guy knows what he’s doing. He’s supposed to be a great talent evaluator, and maybe he knew when he let Underwood go that he could play, but just didn’t want the character problems on a team of defending champions. I think he knows this kid can play, and is just doing it for CAP reasons. Packers were more concerned with appearance of their roster. Raiders are more concerned with cutting bad contracts and getting quality players at a good price-hence the character issues. If this helps our team in the long run, i’m all for it. I mean we had a hella highly paid secondary that ranked 28th in the league-it cant get much worse, we might as well save some money so we can compete in the future,

  15. mark says:

    I sure hope the Raiders organization knows what they are doing???? It seems to me we are going backwards!!!! Maybe Mr. McKenzie is gunnin for a top draft choice in 2013!!!

    Hope I am wrong WIN LOSE OR TIE RAIDERS TIL I DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. derekgharris says:

    I read someone’s comment that McKenzie knows what he’s doing. Really?! From his first few moves I can’t tell!! First thing he did that SEEMED like he knew what he was doing was firing Hue(idiot)Jackson. Then he completely nullified that by hiring a unproven NOBODY to take over. To me it’s just like Al Davis all over again! Look at the list of generic, brown label,off brand nobody coaches we had in the past ten years; Turner, Kiffin,Cable,Jackson and now this guy! Ok ONCE in a great great while you can hire a nobody and you’ll get a Gruden . BUT THAT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN EVERYTIME!!! There comes a time when a team has the right pieces in place and has a window of opportunity to become a “next level team” and the right coach can complete that process. That window doesn’t come around often and doesn’t last long. That’s where the raiders are right now! Perfect example of this is the lakers a few years ago under Kurt Rambis?They had all the pieces but lack of coaching knowledge and experience held them back. Enter Phil Jackson one year later with the same team, and a championship and dynasty was born. Now I’m not saying the raiders are on the brink of a dynasty but,they are on the brink of being an elite team in the NFL and this coach is not going to get them there!!! There are PROVEN winning name brand coaches out there! There WAS Fisher(who they just let get away)there’s Cower,Billick,GRUDEN,Green and hell I wouldn’t mind even Schottenheimer in there! SOMEBODY!! But does McKenzie come in there and make a statement in his hire that says ” I’m serious about turning this thing around and contending for a championship”. NO!!! He does the same crap Al Davis did to keep us in mediocrity for a decade! DENNIS ALLEN!!?? Really??!! And now this! With all the proven, reputable, name brand DB’s available, a guy who’s made 23 tackles(16 of which were on special teams)in 21 games in two years is the best they could do to replace Routt!!?? Once again seems like an Al Davis move! The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. From my perspective they are doing the same thing, it’s just a different guy doing it…….

    • C Bo says:

      Man i feel you in alot of way’s. I live right here in T-Ho land (DENVER)! I’m tired of making excuses for them every year. Not only that, I’ve ran out of excuses every since that wac ass #2 J. Russell!! But anyway, you have to think about it. It’s sorta like when Obama came into office, Makenzie has to start by cleaning up the last 5 years of b.S. The last coaches left behind. Now we all know it’s going to take time. Look we have the worst db’s damn there in the game in every aspect except for youth, speed and tyvon Branch. And to ad insult to injury,we had a no name DC named Chuck Brenahan i guess?? Sounds like one of AL’s Poker buddies who needed a job! Next you got Rod Woodson who has never coached in his life coaching the corners. Just because he made it to the HOF doesn’t make him a coach, let alone a good coach. Then you have over priced players that actually were average comn out of college. Hell! Routt was overrated commn out anyway. He never proved his self to me. He just had exsperiance. So in all actualality it’s to soon to throw Makenzie under the bus. It’s not about the cards your dealt, but more so about how you play them! And that’s what i think Makenzie is doing at this point. He maybe addressing the injury /depth situation in the secondary. So relax, and go with the flow till after FA. You gotta have $ to make $. GO RAIDERS!!! If they don’t attack FA with avengence!! WHERE DEAD!!

    • jomama says:

      your an idiot

  17. King says:

    Routt wasn’t all that good…but I don’t consider this a replacement…AT ALL!!!

  18. John LoRe Oakland says:

    This is our shutdown corner?
    All we can really say is that we are hopeful, and that he is a legitimate question mark.

  19. MichaelCain says:

    I’d take a team full of Rock Cartwright’s and Brandon Underwood’s

  20. dano says:

    this guy should be good for about 15 to 20 penaltys he should fit right in MCkenzie needs to address the real problem

  21. Phil says:

    Underwood was nothing more than a special teams player in Green Bay. I would think? Underwood would be nothing more than that in Oakland. Saying he’s Routt’s replacement is a huge reach. He should make a nice gunner on special teams. Raiders have some special teams players that are free agents and might need to be replaced. If Underwood was brought in to replace Routt? The Raiders backfield is in worse shape than it’s ever been in Raiders history.

  22. ekimllib says:

    What was Underwood’s penalty-play ratio? Routt would kill a drive on interference or some other lame-ass penalty. CB and the right guard position penalties at critical moments always drained my blood. Any body that can think through a play is a good addition. Let’s see if the coaches can make that a reality in September.

  23. […] On Thursday, in a rather underwhelming personnel transaction, the Oakland Raiders announced the signing of free agent cornerback Brandon Underwood, according to […]

  24. EB says:

    I guess he’s worth looking at as a ST’s player, who might be able to go out and at least make some solid tackles or maybe an actual turnover or two. Who knows maybe he can come in and help as a nickel or dime guy. It’s not like Routt set the bay real high! I mean come on, this team needs nothing but guys who actually WANT to go get after someone and make plays. I hope Mackenzie gets this one right but I won’t be shocked if he doesn’t. He has a lot of time to bring in some better talent though and then this signing might look a lot better, especially if this kid actually turns out to be a good fit in Oakland!

  25. John LoRe Oakland says:

    Let’s just see if he makes it out of training camp.

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