Raiders Expected to Play Texans in Mexico City This Season


The Texans are expected to play a regular-season game against the Raiders in Mexico City next season, John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports.

It is an obvious choice to have Oakland play a home game against the Texans in the international series that’s being expanded beyond the United Kingdom, according to league officials familiar with negotiations.

The Raiders were hoping to move to Los Angeles but were left out, and they have yet to sign a new lease in Oakland.

Owner Bob McNair and president Jamey Rootes have told the league for a couple of years how much they would like for the Texans to be involved in the international series, preferably in Mexico City because they have a growing fan base in Mexico.

McNair has insisted he won’t give up a home game at NRG Stadium but would like to play a road game in Mexico City. Oakland is a natural because of its current circumstances.

Rootes, who was part of a Houston group of business and political leaders that visited Mexico City during the season, addressed the subject of playing there after the trip.

“We’ve always expressed that we have an interest in participating internationally as a road team (and), we’ve made it clear that we were most interested in doing that in Mexico,” Rootes said after the visit. “It’s an amazing opportunity for teams and the league.

Viva Las Vegas (Raiders)..

vegasWell, now that the Chargers have decided to move to LA for the 2017 season, a new option for the Raiders has now come up.. According to a recent report on,  Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis just spent a visit with Sheldon Adelson,  CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, which is the parent company of The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino. Supposedly, the purpose of Davis’s visit was to take a look at a 42-acre site that a new special events stadium will be built upon.  It was immediately assumed that this visit was nothing more than a rue by Davis to gain leverage as he tries to determine what to do with his team, now that he is shut out of the LA deal.  However, that seems to be a false assumption as shortly after the visit, the NFL released a memo to the PR directors of all 32 teams.  As first reported by  Vincent Bonsignore of the Los Angeles News Group and confirmed by Albert Breer or NFL Network, the memo contained wording directly associate wit the Las Vegas visit by Davis, and advised that “If your club owner or executives are asked about this, there is no need to comment. If any comment is offered, please keep the following points in mind:”

1. All decisions regarding the location of teams are made by the full membership. Three-fourths of the member clubs must approve any team move.

2. No proposal made to the league. It would be speculative to suggest that your club would or would not support such a proposal. If such a proposal is made, it would be considered under the league’??s relocation policies.

3. There is no prohibition under league rules on a team moving to any particular city. Any proposal for relocation would be evaluated based on the same standards as apply to any proposed move. Those standards are well-known, having just been applied in connection with relocation proposals to Los Angeles.

Basically what the memo is telling the teams is that there really are no rules stopping this move if the NFL, owners and obviously Davis want it to happen.  That said, the statement isn’t suggesting it’s a given it would happen, even if all the owners did vote in favor of a Vegas proposal. Given the potential problems (gambling anyone?)  for any pro sports team operating in Las Vegas,  the league would certainly have reasons to stop the move.  Remember, as stated in a previous RAIDERSGAB post, Mark Davis has other options in play.. The whole San Antonio things is still very real, as is the Raiders trying to stay put in Oakland with a new stadium deal. Also in the mix is the Raiders taking the Chargers spot in 2017 after their move to LA..

All very interesting stuff.  As I said before, as a RAIDER FAN, I really would like to see the team stay in Oakland, but there is a lot to deal with to make that happen.. What will owner Mark Davis ultimately decide?   Stay tuned to WWW.RAIDERSGAB.COM for more news as it happens !!


Raiders in San Diego? Probably not…BUT…

goodell and davisAs the families and fans of the San Diego Chargers await word on the likely move to LA, a more intriguing story is developing involving the (current) Oakland Raiders.. Multiple sources are reporting that IF the Chargers join the Rams in Los Angeles,  there is a possibility that the Raiders will make the move to replace the Chargers in San Diego.  While right now this seems unlikely, the possibility led to Chargers QB Phillip Rivers telling local San Diego sports talk station “The Mighty” 1090AM that “That one is going to get me a little nauseated, to be honest with you.  The thought of that one is a little sickening. That one is hard to stomach. It’s hard enough thinking about moving. … The thought of the Raiders being here and us not might be tougher than all the rest.”

Speculations are that if Oakland is left out of the LA deal, there are basically 4 options for the Raiders.  The favorite so far is for them to remain in Oakland.  All along, this is what owner Mark Davis has said he prefers.  Obviously there are issues, including a large ($350-$400 million) gap in monies needed to fund a new stadium.  As reported recently on RAIDERSGAB, the city of Oakland has already told the Raiders that they are broke, and will not contribute to a new stadium.  Even with the NFL kicking in $100 million for the new stadium, there is still a lot of funding needed to please Mark Davis with a new venue.

The second option is a move to San Antonio.  As wild as it may seem right now, there is a possibility that the State of Texas could end up with 3 NFL teams in the near future.  San Antonio has been courting Davis for quite some time, and the Raiders very well could end up in the Lone Star state.

The third, and newest possible destination for the Raiders is San Diego.  That option is entirely dependent on what the Chargers decide.  If the Chargers do decide to join the Rams in LA, then Davis may bolt (pun intended) south to the beaches.  According to sources, San Diego is a very real and viable option for the Raiders. It’s a market the NFL absolutely wants to be in, and one the league is comfortable the Raiders would dominate.  Some reports say that the NFL would even consider waiving the relocation fee if  to facilitate a possible Raiders move to San Diego or set one at a price extremely affordable. Also, the additional $100 million the league promised to Davis that would go toward a deal in Oakland is expected to be available to them in a move to San Diego.

The Raiders have always had a strong foothold in Southern California, and can count on support from nearby Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Ventura and obviously San Diego, who would be longing to replace the Chargers if they do make the move to LA.  That in itself is not a bad selling point to city leaders, who could count on Raider Nation making weekend trips to support the Raiders.  More importantly, it would secure the Raider’s long-term future.  Something both Mark Davis and the NFL can agree is a high priority.  The key to this happening other that the obvious Chargers decision, is, can the Raiders agree on a new stadium deal with the city of San Diego and get it approved?

As a life-long Raider fan , my personal preference is for the team to remain in Oakland.  What will eventually happen to our beloved Raiders?  Stay tuned to WWW.RAIDERSGAB.COM for up to date news !!

Raiders May Make a Move to San Antonio if the Deal in Los Angeles Fails


On Tuesday and Wednesday, all 32 NFL owners will meet in Houston to determine the fate of three teams.

As of right now, the San Diego Chargers, the Raiders and the St. Louis Rams have all filed for relocation, ready to move to southern California. Odds are, there will be at least one odd team out and with that possibility looming it makes people scramble for a plan B, if needed.

According to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report, as it stands right now, the Raiders seem like the odd team out. Therefore, not wanting to be left high and dry, Raiders owner Mark Davis has set his sights on moving to San Antonio, Anthony Bertacchi CBS Sacramento reports.

According to Cole, Davis owns land between San Antonio and Dallas and, if he has to, will use it as leverage against Oakland to get a stadium built.

One thing to keep in mind is the annoyance that this may become to Jerry Jones and Bob McNair, owners of the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans respectively. Any move into Texas would cut into the revenue that Jones and McNair make. Not only that, but Jones proposed a plan where the Rams and Chargers share a stadium in LA. It seems unlikely he would be OK with San Antonio, if it comes to it.

Raiders Davis says Oakland Stadium plan “Doesn’t work for Us”

Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis speaks to fans during a hearing hosted by the NFL to gather comments from football fans on the possible relocation of the team Thursday, Oct. 29, 2015, in Oakland , Calif. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

According to Matthew Artz of the San Jose Mercury News, the battle between The City of Oakland leaders and Raiders owner Mark Davis took another turn this past Tuesday as the city submitted an updated stadium financing plan to the NFL that could set the stage for a protracted fight if the team is not allowed to move to Los Angeles next season.  The five-page letter signed by Mayor Libby Schaaf and Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty included no new offers of public money for the team.  With NFL owners meeting next month to potentially decide which team(s) get to move to LA, Mayor Schaaf said Tuesday that the league and Raiders fans “understand that Oakland does not have a big check to write.”  Raiders owner Mark Davis, who received a draft version of the letter, took it as a sign that the city wasn’t serious about reaching a deal.  Davis speculated that “They just don’t want to play (negotiate) with us.  I don’t know why, I don’t understand it.”

 The letter suggests making available 60 acres for a new football stadium on the south end of the Coliseum property. The Raiders would be provided 8,000 surface parking spaces in the vicinity of the stadium. The team also would get to keep all game-day revenue, but would be responsible for any construction cost overruns.  Davis said that the 60 acres wouldn’t even meet the Raiders parking needs.  Davis commented “They’re trying to say to build in the corner of the parking lot, and we’ll guarantee you parking, but we won’t tell you where,” he said. “That does not work for us.”  Davis went on to say that “I want a clean template to build one of the nicest places in the Bay Area, the acreage and the land is the starting point. If we get a commitment on the land, we can go out and market this thing.”  Davis offered his own blueprint for getting a new stadium built in Oakland, saying he could possibly bring aboard someone to invest in both the team and a new facility if he gets full control over the 120-acre Coliseum complex.
Both the A’s owner Lewis “Lew” Wolff,  and Davis are now on record saying they need to control the sprawling stadium site if they are to build a new stadium there. And both Wolff and Davis have expressed little interest in developing the surrounding land — instead preferring to prioritize parking and freeway access for fans.  Asked for his vision of a revamped Coliseum complex, Davis said “a football stadium, parking, and … some type of ancillary development, but not on the scale that they’re talking about.”
NFL owners are meeting in Houston on Jan 12 and 13  where it is possible that they will decide between a Los Angeles area stadium proposal submitted by both the Raiders and San Diego Chargers or a competing plan offered by the St. Louis Rams.

While the City of Oakland wants the Raiders to head the stadium project, it also wants the stadium to be part of a much larger development that would generate significant tax revenue. Mayor Schaaf said the city was open to a deal that would give the Raiders control of the land, possibly through a long-term lease, but only if it included benefits for the city and came at a fair market price. Meanwhile, with the help of an NFL stadium loan, the Raiders are offering to pay $500 million toward an estimated $900 million, 55,000-seat stadium.  Davis said that controlling all of the Coliseum land would put the Raiders in position to bring aboard an investor to buy up to 20 percent of the team, invest in the stadium and potentially develop portions of the property into the “homes, shops and offices” that the city wants.

Davis commented  that “The (funding gap) comes down with equity in the team, but right now we don’t have any land to go out and do anything with.” Mayor Schaaf  said Tuesday that development rights to the surrounding land could go toward stadium financing, and the city has offered to finance the estimated $90 million in infrastructure improvements needed at the stadium site.  Not including any specifics for a stadium deal, Mayor Schaaf’s letter focuses on the Bay Area’s thriving economy and the Coliseum’s prime location. If and how much that will matter to Davis and the Raiders,  the mayor admitted is up in the air. The mayor went on to say that “At the end of the day, a lot of this is for the Raiders to decide, and we are really hopeful that the Raiders know that Oakland is part of the Raiders and the Raiders are part of Oakland.”

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy acknowledged late Tuesday receipt of the letter, stating that “It is consistent with what we had been expecting as we have been in close contact with various officials.” There was no further comment by McCarthy or the NFL.

The letter can be read in full by here :

Star tuned to WWW.RAIDERSGAB.COM for more on the potential new stadium and possible move to LA.

Raiders top Chargers 23 to 20 (OT) in Woodson’s Last Home Game

In a thrilling overtime victory, the Oakland Raiders defeated the San Diego Charges 23 to 20 in Oakland Thursday night.  The game marked the final home game for Raiders safety Charles Woodson who will retire at the end of the season after 18 years in the NFL.  The game may also have been the last that the Raiders play in Oakland as there is a possibility that the team moves to LA in the off-season..  Sebastian Janikowski kicked a 31-yard field goal in overtime and the Raiders got a defensive stop to cement the win.  The Raiders are now 7-8 and the loss drops the Charges to 4-11.  Oakland faces the KC Chiefs next Sunday while San Diego faces the Broncos in Denver.

Woodson said after the game that “I guess it had to end like that,” it was a little much for me. I would have rather it had been a lopsided victory and we blew them out. That’s the way it goes sometimes.”  After leading the Oakland fans in a chant of “Raiders,” he told the adoring Black Hole “This is my last game in the Coliseum, but just know I’ll never leave you, “Go Raiders!”

Oakland won despite 16 penalties, including five on their overtime drive, and despite getting their only first down of the second half on a 3-yard touchdown drive.  But the Raiders offense did move the ball in overtime after winning the toss. Three straight penalties left the Raiders with a second-and-29, but San Diego’s Denzel Perryman bailed them out when he was called for a personal foul for hitting a defenseless Michael Crabtree in the head.  Oakland WR Seth Roberts then made a juggling 33 yard catch and run that put Oakland on the 10 yard-line.  That’s when Janikowski hit the go-ahead field goal.  On San Diego’s possession, the Raider defense held tight, as the Chargers were unable to move the ball.

This victory was about as good as it gets for Oakland and it’s fans.  Since moving back to Oakland in 1995, the Raiders have the 7th worst record in the NFL, and have been the worst team in football since 2002’s heartbreaking Super-Bowl drubbing by Tampa Bay (which was actually play in Jan 2003)  Oakland has played San Diego 27 times since then, and have only managed 7 wins – including just 3 at home..

So was this the last Raider game in Oakland?  Stay tuned to for more Raider news!!!

Raiders Lose Third Straight; Lose Ugly Game in Detroit 18-13

Earlier this season it looked like the Raiders were over their East coast woes, but after a loss two weeks back to the Steelers and now another today out east, it looks like they are right back to square one.

Oakland Sunday lost their third straight, losing an ugly game to the Detroit Lions 18-13 at Ford Field. The three straight losses put the Raiders at 4-6 on the year, and in danger of having to win out in order to try and reach the postseason as a wild card.

The Raiders fell behind 9-0 after Lions kicker Matt Prater made three field goals on as many attempts in the first half.

Oakland though went ahead on their second drive of the third quarter. Latavius Murray’s 1-yard touchdown run capped the opening possession of the second half and Sebastian Janikowski made a go-ahead, 48 yard field goal on Oakland’s next possession.

Lions QB Matthew Stafford was too much though for the Raiders, as he led the team on a nifty 80-yard drive with a designed draw to put the Lions up 16-13 with 11:04 to play.

The Raiders offense seemed totally out of sync most of the day, and allowed the final two points on a holding penalty by tackle Donald Penn against Ezekiel Ansah in the end zone to give the Lions an 18-13 advantage.

Detroit got the free kick, and killed the final 7:31 to seal the win as the Raiders never even got the ball back, making it even more of a tough loss to swallow.

Raiders QB Derek Carr was just 13-for-25 for 169 yards, no scores and he was sacked once. Murray ran for just 28 yards but did have the only Raiders TD of the day.

Oakland had just 13 first downs and 214 total yards in the loss.

Raiders Can’t Stop Brown, Fall to Steelers In Final Seconds 38-35

Oakland Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers

The Raiders seemed to overcome all day, yet in the end couldn’t stop Steelers WR Antonio Brown in the final minute, and lost a tough to swallow game in Pittsburgh Sunday 38-35.

Chris Boswell hit an 18-yard field goal with four seconds left to win the game for the Steelers, who lost QB Ben Roethlisberger in the fourth quarter to a foot injury.

Brown though was the story, as all he did against the Raiders was set a franchise record with 17 catches for 284 yards.

His catch on a third-and-two from the Steelers 28 for 57 yards gave the Steelers the shot for Boswell’s field goal at the buzzer to win the game.

The Raiders rallied to tie the game at 35 with 1:15 to play when quarterback Derek Carr hit Michael Crabtree for a 38-yard touchdown.

Carr threw for 301 yards with four touchdowns and a pick. Rookie WR Amari Cooper had 7 catches for 88 yards and a score, and Crabtree had 108 yards and two TD’s.

Rookie running back Latavius Murray was knocked out of the game after a hit by Mike Mitchell which caused a fumble in the third quarter. He had 96 yards when he left the game.

Give the Raiders credit, as Carr and company wouldn’t go away after the Steelers went up 35-21 in the fourth quarter.

They attacked the Steelers secondary, driving down the field for a score as Jamize Olawale went in from 19 yards out to make it 35-28 with 9:37 left.

After the injury to Roethlisberger, Carr and Oakland again drove down the field, but the Steelers got a pick in the end zone to keep the lead before the Steelers punted to put the Raiders in position to head down the field to tie the game in the final minutes.

The loss drops the Raiders to 4-4 on the year, and breaks their two-game win streak. Next week is another tough test as they host the 6-2 Vikings.