NFL Says Raiders Complied With Rooney Rule in Hiring of Jon Gruden

The NFL said Friday that the Raiders complied with the “Rooney Rule” when they hired Jon Gruden as head coach, the Associated Press reports.

The league said a review found the Raiders conducted “bona fide” interviews with minority candidates during their search for a replacement for the fired Jack Del Rio. The “Rooney Rule” requires NFL teams to consider at least one minority candidate before making an offer to a head coaching candidate. The team officially hired Gruden on Jan. 6.

NFL Officially Looking Into if the Raiders Violated the ‘Rooney Rule’ in Hiring Gruden

The NFL said Thursday it will investigate whether the Raiders violated the “Rooney Rule” when they hired Jon Gruden as coach, the Associated Press reports.

The Fritz Pollard Alliance called for the investigation on Wednesday out of concern that Raiders owner Mark Davis came to an agreement with Gruden before the team interviewed any minority candidates as required by the NFL since 2003.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said in a statement that the NFL will “look into this.”

The Fritz Pollard Alliance is dedicated to promoting diversity and equality of job opportunity in the coaching, front office and scouting staffs of NFL teams.

Davis said Tuesday at the news conference introducing Gruden as the team’s new coach that he had been trying to make the move for six years and finally believed it would happen after a meeting in Philadelphia on Christmas Eve, the day before Gruden worked a game between the Raiders and Eagles on ESPN.

“I felt pretty confident that he was all-in,” Davis said. “And that’s the term that we were using in our discussions and everything, are you all-in? And I never wavered from all-in. And this time he didn’t waver, either.”

Davis fired Jack Del Rio a week later and the team officially hired Gruden on Jan. 6. Davis also said he wouldn’t have fired Del Rio if he didn’t believe Gruden would sign on as coach.

“I believe that I would’ve sat down with Jack and we would’ve figured out coordinators and assistant coaches and things like that and try to figure out how to reinvigorate the franchise through Jack,” he said.

Count Skip Bayless as a Huge Fan of the Hire of New Raiders Coach Jon Gruden

There’s one big fan of the Raiders hire of coach Jon Gruden among many who took to his show today to talk about it, and that’s Skip Bayless of Fox Sports.

On the show “Undisputed” with Shannon Sharpe, Bayless said Gruden to Oakland is a perfect fit for both he and the team as they look to reach new heights.

Video: New Raiders Coach Jon Gruden Says Oakland Will Quickly Be a Winner Again

Raider Nation was front and center on Tuesday, as new head coach Jon Gruden was introduced, and right away laid out a plan for the Raiders to be a winner – quickly.

If you are a Raiders fan and don’t get pumped up at the video of Gruden below – you might want to check to see if you have a heartbeat.

New Raiders Coach Jon Gruden Getting a Very Expensive Staff Together

It’s not taking new Raiders coach Jon Gruden long to get what’s going to be a very expensive staff in place as he takes over for Jack Del Rio in Oakland.

The new coach is bringing in Rams quarterback coach Greg Olson to be the teams’ offensive coordinator, and Bengals defensive assistant Paul Guenther to run the Raiders D, and Cowboys special teams coach Rich Bisaccia as the teams new special teams coordinator.

Reports say the staff is going to cost Mark Davis a fortune, but if the team can be a winner right away, it’s going to be more than worth it.

Can Jon Gruden and QB Derek Carr Mesh? There’s ‘Real Concern’ They Cannot

Now that it’s official that Jon Gruden is coming back to the Raiders, Pro Football Talk reports there’s “real concern” about his ability to mesh with current Raiders starting quarterback Derek Carr.

Despite Gruden’s cheerful albeit intense demeanor on television, he does not have the reputation of being a supportive-kind of “players’ coach”. “Jon Gruden is not easy to deal with,” PFT Live co-host Chris Simms told Florio by phone on Thursday. “He’s in your face, he’s blunt, he’s extremely honest. At the same time, he’ll be extra hard on a quarterback if he knows the kid has talent. The quarterback has to remember it’s only because he wants him to be better and knows he can be better. . . . If he wasn’t yelling at you, that’s the bigger concern. It’s all for the greater good. It’s only going to make you a better quarterback.” Simms said that, in the end, the haranguing is “all to make you better,” and that Carr will “learn more football under Gruden than he’s learned in his entire career.”

The question is whether Carr is the type of personality that can take Gruden’s style. After a stellar 2016 season in which Carr was considered one of the top young quarterbacks in the league, his play took a major step back (along with the rest of the team) in 2017 and he may need his confidence rebuilt. Does Gruden have the patience and inclination to do that? And is Carr mentally tough enough to deal with the needling?

Despite legitimate questions about how ready Gruden will be to return after so long in the booth, we would assume he will be careful not to immediately poison his relationship with one of his most important players. If not, this coaching hire may create more problems than it solves.

It’s Happening – Jon Gruden Coming Back to Coach the Raiders, Presser on Tuesday

He’s baaaccckkkkkkk.

After watching from a desk at ESPN for nine years, Jon Gruden is bringing his ‘Chucky’ look back to the Silver and Black, as he’s going to be introduced as the new Raiders head coach on Tuesday.

Gruden has already secured his defensive coordinator, as Bengals defensive coordinator Paul Guenther is coming to join him on his staff in Oakland.

Gruden was the driving force behind the Raiders success in the early 2000’s, and it was a shame to see him on the opposite sideline while he coached the Tampa Bay Bucs to a Super Bowl win over the Raiders in the 2003 season.

Now he will have a chance to make amends, coming back to the team that first took a chance on him and he will now get a chance to coach under Al Davis’ son Mark, instead of his father who first hired him.

It will be interesting to see what Gruden does to try and make the Raiders back into winners like the first time he was their coach. The club fired Jack Del Rio on the last day of the season, simply to get their old coach back in the saddle.

Buckle in Raider Nation.

The Fritz Pollard Alliance Not Concerned That the Raiders will Skirt Rooney Rule in Coach Hiring

The Fritz Pollard Alliance, which has promoted equal opportunities for minorities in NFL hiring since its founding in 2003, downplayed concerns Tuesday over the Raiders’ potentially skirting the Rooney Rule amid a deal with Jon Gruden appearing imminent.

“I would trust the judgment and integrity of [Raiders owner] Mark Davis and [general manager] Reggie McKenzie to the point that they have already spoken to minority candidates who could be available veteran coaches, just like Jon Gruden is a veteran ex-coach,” Fritz Pollard Alliance chairman John Wooten told ESPN on Tuesday.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter has reported that Gruden is expected to become the Raiders’ next coach following nine seasons as an ESPN analyst.

Gruden confirmed his candidacy with the Raiders during a Tuesday interview with the Bay Area News Group.

“Well, I think I am being considered, yes. I hope I’m a candidate,” he said.

Gruden told the Bay Area News Group that he expected the team to interview candidates this week before deciding sometime next week.

“I think the league — the clubs — have all adopted a way of doing business that we feel is very, very open and conducive to what all of us are trying to do, and that is to have an open league, and certainly you have seen it,” Wooten said.

Wooten encouraged qualified minority candidates to interview for the Oakland job and other jobs even when reports suggest that teams are set on hiring someone else. In the past, he encouraged current Los Angeles Chargers coach Anthony Lynn to interview for jobs despite Lynn’s publicly stated concerns about being brought in simply to fulfill the Rooney Rule. Lynn did interview for the New York Jets’ vacancy in 2015, when another minority candidate, Todd Bowles, was hired. Lynn, then a Jets assistant, resisted other interview opportunities.